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Design:  we use a variety of industry standard software tools such as Excel, Matlab and Amtech alongside more specialist software tools such as ETAP, SKM Powertools and CYME products. Proprietory protection relay setting software such as MICOM S1 Studio and Reydisp are also used.

Our services will always vary from one assignment to another so the information below will give an insight into some of our specilaist activities.

Electrical protection: In terms of power system protection (upto and including 132 kV), our expertise can be categorised as follows.

Drafting of protection co-ordination studies.

Ouline and detailed protection scheme design from proposal documents through to detailed design drawings.

Prodcution of protection philosophy documents.

Provision of independent guidance on protection related matters. See our "Technical review"  section below

Substation earthing: we can provide a detailed earthing and bonding scheme design service which covers the following.

On site measurements of existing systems including current injection  and FoP testing

Drafting of design specifications to cover both client and statutory requirements.

Soil sampling and analysis.

Complete design of substation earthing and bonding schemes.

Substation layout: we offer an integration service which would involve us tying together the equipment supplied from different manufacturers such that the functional requirements of the overall system design are met.

Technical review: where independent guidance is being sought, we would happy to provide a fresh perspective on your engineering challenges in order that the end solutions are safe, functional, compliant and optimised.

Cable rating: we offer a comprehensive cable rating study service that includes.

Continuous or cyclic rating of cables from 400V to 132kV whether installed as direct buried, in air, in ducts or in tunnels.

Study of legacy cable assets to determine both cable rating and fault withstand.

Detailed and system design of cable bonding from 11kV to 132kV including integration with the overall site earthing and bonding system.

PQ studies: our design capabilities extend to power quality studies with reference to documents such as ENA Engineering Recomendation G5/4-1, the BSEN 61000 suite of documents and IEEE 519.

Information on how to contact us for technical or project specific queries can be found by clicking here

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