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Study of Vh, Ih and Vf impact within the power system. Offering recommendations where neccesary e.g. change of system or equipment configuration, filters, SVC, etc. Such studies also assist in providing the technical backdrop to harmonic behaviour when negotiating with the Utility as regards a new or upgraded connection. PND is conversant with G5/4-1, IEC 61000, IEEE 519 and their practical application in support of harmonic studies.

Protection co-ordination studies for both unit (Devices 87 and 64) and non-unit (Devices 50 and 51) schemes.Critical for ensuring system stability during (through) faults under all practicable operating scenarios. These studies go hand in hand with power system fault studies typically in accordance with the techniques laid down in the IEEE C37 suite, IEC 60909 and G74 - whichever is the most relevant/specified for the study undertaken.

Thermal rating of cabling systems for both steady state and cyclic loading in accordance with IEC 60287 and IEC 60853. Such studies help to ensure that cables are selected and designed in the most efficient manner and not overloaded during their life cycle.

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